Why did Danny Wallace start Join Me?Edit

There are many reasons, real and speculatory. Here are a few, from which you can pretty much take your pick!

  • Because he was bored!
  • Because it sounded like a good idea!
  • To be funny!
  • So he could write a book about it for us!
  • To kick-start a snowball of good deeds and goodwill!
  • To spread good karma around the world!

Why has this site been created?Edit

Here's the original mission statement, about what this site is for, who it's for, and why Gold Joinee Brake wanted to create it:

"I first stumbled over 'Wiki' last year, and stuck the definition of 'Join Me' into - earlier this week I discovered it's possible to get a free Wiki dedicated to whatever you want, assuming there's enough interest.

In these initial stages, I'm just copying stuff over from the original site, but I'm hoping that people will want to flesh out specific areas, to help answer questions they once had when they joined, and to help let new Joinees, or those who've been out of the loop for too long, what's going on. Things like who the current Gold Joinees are (I don't know myself), what big events have happened, or are planned...

I don't want to publicly 'launch' this site until there's more on it. I'd quite like to list the names of anyone who's got at least a star, and to give them an opportunity to say a little about themselves (plus joining dates, silvering dates, golding dates, etc.), links to their own websites. It's early days though, and anything vaguely Join Me related can be put up there. Unlike 'Wikipedia', which insisted that pages be 100% fact, I don't think it matters if opinions and ideas creep into the site too. I'd like to drop in quotations and comments in from various sources (including magazines and, of course, the book), but again, this can be done once more of a skeleton is built up.

Anyone interested email me at y e l l o w si g h @ with your 'area of expertise' ( local area, Gold Joinees, whatever) and I'll help you get started, if you can't work it out yourself. You can just visit the site and start 'editing' at whim. The 'Editing' tab at the top of each page allows you to add your own details, and also shows the basic 'code' for making things bold, italic, or to work as a link. Alternatively just click on a link that leads nowhere, and you can type any information straight it, to be formatted later...

Again, try to keep it quiet until it's in better shape to 'go public'!