There's a lot of Joinees in the world, and a whole bunch more people associated with The Karma Army that aren't strictly Joinees. Here's as good a place as any to try to pin down the person you're looking for:

Our Glorious Leader

Find out details about our Leader here:


Find out fun fabulous facts about your favourite Joinees here. The main list is split into individual letters, to avoid a giant list on one page:

Alternatively you can try to locate them by star rating (see Joinee Ranks for details), or celebrity status:

  • You might also want to locate Joinees local to you.
  • You can even search for Joinees with a particular job, though this list is far from complete.

People Mentioned In The Book (non-Joinees)

Strangely enough a list of those people who are mentioned in the book, but have not Joined. Yet.

  • It's a long list, so there get their own section, HERE.

British Comedians

If you like Danny Wallace, you might also like these folk:

Public Nuisances

A short list of those that have bothered and inspired reaction from The Leader and his Karma Army. This part was previously called 'Rogues Gallery' but I've decided to downgrade that - these people aren't particularly revolutionary or despicable:


Any other people likely to be tied in to Join Me go here...


People of Myth, Legend and Other Wise Tales


People Involved in This Site

People who've worked on this site, strangely enough.