Join Me
"The word is spreading... all over the Earth!

Through England, Ireland, Wales, and the Scottish...

Across Europe, Asia, and the United States of Americans...

Everyone is talking about one thing...!"

- Intro to the Join Me anthem

Join Me is a world-wide phenomenom, and this site will hopefully cater for the whole wideness of that world. There are Join Me websites devoted to various nationalities, plus a directory below where you can discover what's going on in your area. This is far from comprehensive — be sure to add your own region and details of local activities onto the list.

Also, don't forget that wherever you are, you can keep in touch with the world of Join Me using this wiki, the official Join Me website, and the Joinee Forum!

In the UK[]

The birth-place of Join Me.

Major Cities:

In Europe[]

Join Me in the continent of Europe...

In Australia[]

Join Me in the country of exiled Brits (amongst others of a less criminal inclination)...

The Australian Join Me site no longer exists. :(

In the USA[]

Join Me and the United States of Americans!

In Canada[]

Join Me further north of the US...

  • Canada



These first few are for location-specific webistes:

A list of links to all Join Me websites can be found here.