Join Me

Here's a look into the past, present and future of The Karma Army.

Join Meets[]

Following is a short list of Meets that pop up once, maybe twice a year. Or every week, if it's at a certain London pub.

Less permanent in the calendar, but certainly due to happen again this coming year are the pirates meets and the Day of the Dragon, both in Brighton.

The Join Me Calendar[]

Talking of which, the average Joinee Week will also have one Happy Monday and one Good Friday, in the appropriate places.

There are also unofficial Karmic Years, loosely based around Chinese New Years, and an idea worked on by Gold Joinee Brake. Not worked on very well, as he can't decide whether it's better to start the year during Karmageddon celebrations, or Join Me June celebrations.

Events From The Book[]

There are a few other pages you might want to check:

The Past[]

This is a vague history of events so far. I've started from the beginning of 2002, though it doesn't quite fit in with the idea of Karmic Years (which begin in June - until I change my mind again).

There are a few other pages you might want to check:






The Present[]

The Future[]

Excuses for parties[]