Join Me

What is a Wiki?[]

In short it's an interactive archive of information. Every page, unless specifically protected, can be altered by anyone visiting. This particular Wiki is based on the massive project that is Wikipedia, where this project first sprung to life, here.

What can I do to help?[]

As long as you can type you can help. Go where your inspiration takes you. If you see something on the Wiki site that you think you could add more detail to, or a whole new page that explains what something means, or goes into it in greater depth, go for it. There's not much written about the different locations and Joinees, so you can always find something to write about there. If nothing else add your own details to the Joinee lists.

What does 'such and such' mean?[]

The following list is a quick glossary of terms, commonly used acronyms and phrases used by the Karma Army, that require a little bit more definition:

What else is Join Me involved in?[]

The following things have some relationship with Join Me: