Join Me

Involuntarily, and slightly bizarrely, my voice deepened and suddenly had more resonance. Somehow, I'd developed a kind of 'Leader' mode, and even pointed as I sternly improvised a message. I felt like a tit. But I sounded like a Leader.

- from Chapter Eight of The Book

The Leader[]

The Leader is a mantle taken on which involved much dramatic pointing and speech giving, and leading the charge into battle (against bad karma and do-badders - genuine violence is frowned upon). It is a title that confers a sort of dynamic guise that would otherwise be absent from, lets face it, someone who isn't heroic, daring and SUPER outside the role of Leader.

The current Leader is Danny Wallace, who was the 'Me' in Join Me. His Leadership has only ever been in question once, to the degree that he might give up his Leadership. And so he decided on a vote, between him and Joinee Whitby, who he judged most worthy.

Danny won by a land-slide. And Joinee Whitby was proclaimed the first Gold Joinee (see Joinee Ranks). The rest, as they say, is history. Danny has remained Leader to this very day. Should this ever change, this page will be updated, but for now you may rejoice in the fact that Our Glorious Leader is still the ever loveable Danny Wallace.

Danny also has a new project, in which he will become King Danny. Whether this means he will remain a cult leader is not known.


The Leader is often comonly known as Our Glorious Leader. Because he is. We're not being sarcastic. Not even slightly. Well, maybe a little bit. Sometimes.

Also see 'Danny Wallace' for a list of other aliases.

Not To Be Confused With...[]

  • Gary Glitter - who used to call himself The Leader when he was famed more for singing songs than owning nasty (not to mention illegal) pictures on his home computer.
  • Adolf Hitler - The German transaltion of the term The Leader is Die Fuhrer. This may cause problems with German Joinees, as well as any future Join Me historian who favour German as a language. It might also lead to some bizarre assumptions of how Hitler was actually, you know, a really nice guy.