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Steve, the hairiest Joinee, and known to be 8% better than everybody else, is finally a Gold Joinee after many years of being one of the most senior (i.e. longest time spent in the doldrums) Silvers.

In the words of others...Edit

Steve, when not eating toast and reading Colin Dexter novels, likes nothing more than a decent scratch. In fact last year at Scratch'othon in Oslo he finished a credible 48th out of 55 competitors. In his own opinion he was distracted in the final bouts by his rumbling flatulance and eye for the ladies. Often the latter leads to the former.

He is well known in the london circle for his keen photographic eye and his smell of wee. He is a keen spotter of WW2 aircraft and can often be seen sitting in hyde park with Janes Book of WW2 Military Aircraft.

- the case as presented by Silver Joinee Bonathan, apparently.

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