Join Date: 2nd July 2003

Silver Date: 25th March 2005 - at GGF2

Gold Date:

Birthday: 2nd July

Where?: Glasgow - in Lovely Scottyland


In her own wordsEdit


I'm Silver Joinee Jen of Glasgow, I've been a joinee for almost 3 years now. And to be honest with you - I don't regret it in the slightest. Join Me has been so amazing for me, some amazing times such as Inverness meets, GGF 2, Edinburgh weekly meets and of course how can I not mention so of the amazing friends I have made through Join Me. Each and everyone of you know who you are and know how much I love you all! :o)

Join Me is just amazing - from doing amazing RAoKs to loosing your social life because of these guys - It is just the best! :o)

Why I joined.....I joined because I loved the idea of RAoKs and brightening the lives of the people in this world one friday at a time!

Favourite Join Me memories - 3 in a bed in Inverness, all my friends getting together because they wanted to see me silvered, organising as many scottish meets as possible, meeting a certain very cute boy, living an amazing life because of it!

I can't thank everyone who is part of it enough for such an amazing thing - and encourage EVERYONE to join!!

In other wordsEdit

There's a meet partly in her honour — it's near her birthday as well as the birthdays of Silver Joinee Gatesy, Silver Joinee Snoring Jesus and Silver Rainbow Joinee Parkin! It takes the form of a Circle Line challenge around London and is known (for reasons revolving around an obscure pun) as G8sy 2.

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