Join Date: 20th July 2004

Silver Date: 25th March 2005

Gold Date:

Where?: Edinburgh, UK


In his own wordsEdit

Hello there. I first discovered the fabulous world of the Joinee back in 2004. Gold Joinee Gresham (or just plain old Joinee Gresham as he then was) had managed to get an article about Join Me into the Edinburgh Uni Student Newspaper, which a friend named Dave Cameron read out. I asked for the book for my birthday, and joined the day I finished. I then bullied Dave into becoming Joinee Davo.

I am usually found in the pub, or playing Aussie Rules Football.

In the words of othersEdit

Silver Joinee Rupert Good is the Edinburgh University Join Me Society secretary, and a member of the Edinburgh collective, particularly well known for his mentalist dancing skills, which are impressive to say the least.

Picture of Silver Joinee Good (he's the one with the club)