Join Date: July 2004

Silver Date: GGF2 March 2005

Gold Date:

Birthday: 1st July

Where?: Essex/London


In his own wordsEdit

Howdy! I've been a Joinee for a while now and I've had the best time!

Visited places I'd never have even thought about going to and met people I would never have met.


I also love Silver Joinee Jen!! :o)

In the words of othersEdit

There's always room for Gatesy!

Gatesy even has his own song (very popular on Joinee Radio) saying so.

There's also a meet sort-of in his honour — it's near his birthday as well as the birthdays of Silver Joinee Jen, Silver Joinee Snoring Jesus and Silver Rainbow Joinee Parkin! It takes the form of a Circle Line challenge around London and is known (for reasons revolving around an obscure pun) as G8sy 2.

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