Join Date: March 2003 I think

Silver Date: K2!

Gold Date:

Birthday: 13th February

Where?: Winchester, Hants



In his own wordsEdit

Sorry... just generally sorry!!!

Wow isn't join me great.. I mean really great.. met people I never would have that I now consider mates.. and yes indeedy friends... In fact the only downside is my liver... but I guess that shows what a great time we always have...

Warren October 05

In the words of othersEdit

A fun guy, but also one we thoroughly enjoy to take the piss out of. I'm sure we'll link up some anecdotes to this page in time. Known for calling Danny a "Twat" at The Raymond Price Pub Crawl 1, which resulted in Silver Joinee Leighton pouring a pint of beer over his head. Known for calling people a "Twat" in general, though the trend was reversed at Oxford during Valentines in February 2004.

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