Join Date: Sometime around 2 years back

Silver Date: 2-3 months back (GGF2)

Gold Date:




In his own wordsEdit

Not really sure why I've been silvered to be honest. Guessing it has something to do with offering other joinees lifts to meets.

Anyway, the first time that Join me was brought to my attention was when I was in Cardiff visiting me brother, which was about 2 years back. I popped into a nearby Smith's and brought Join me and are you Dave Gorman. Within days I had sent the photo to Danny!

As far as meets go, I've been to Inverness 1, GGF 1 (which was my first meet) & 2, Edinburgh Fringe Festival (first week), met a bunch of them in Cornwall while on hols and also met three of them (Brake, Kieran and Knight) in a bloomin service station (very strange day that one).

At some point I am hoping to pay a visit to London and see the famous "cock" pub and da old Madras!

Think thats all! Thanks for reading and raok on!!!

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