Join Date: Sometime in 2003. Marchish?

Silver Date: Around October 2003

Double Silver Date: Number two was a clerical error at Join Me June in 2004...

Triple Silver Date: ...and the third one was for being McEmployee of the month at RPPC_2 (I think) also in 2004.

Gold Date: GGF2 - 2005

Platinum Date: K3 - 2005


Where?: All over. I'm like the opening titles of a Bond movie. (UK, based in the south, works in London)


In his own wordsEdit

Ruf 2 NU

Joinee Rufous: "Hirsuite"

Hungerford Hippy...oh no - those are Rodney Smith's words.

Known all over the world as a mad man.

Ah. No. That was Citizen Smythe too.

I am:


All over the place

It's hard this, huh?

For those who know of such things:

The cube is about 5 metres away, about a metre cubed in dimension, sat flat on the sand. Its surface shimmers silver as if it were covered in water (or mercury?) running around – but not off - its edges. The sun reflects from it but is not blinding. It does not reflect your image back at you though.

Hope that helped :/

If not then the photo's pretty accurate...

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P. S. My website's a bit dull. is much better... (See Who Are The Len Price Three?)