Join Date: May 29th 2004

Silver Date: June 5th 2004 (JMJ)

Gold Date: December 1st 2007 (Karmageddon 5)

Platinum Date: December 5th 2009 (Karmageddon 7)

Birthday: 26th February

Where: Bingham, Nottinghamshire


Job: Constitutional Services Officer / Kiln-formed glass artist

Married: Silver Joinee West 29th May 2010. Met on June 5th 2004 atJoin Me June (JMJ)

In her own wordsEdit


In the words of othersEdit

Created maps of the known world of Join Me, plus her own version of Join Me Monopoly which she also called Karmanopoly, even though it is similar to (but not connected with) Gold Joinee Brake's Karmanopoly.

I've never met anyone with such a huge heart and a genuine desire to be kind. This awesome Joinee always goes the extra mile to make people happy. She's put a massive smile on her husband Silver Joinee West's face, he's lovely and he deserves someone special so I thank her for that too.