Join Date: Summer 2003

Silver Date: GGF2

Gold Date: Brigton meet (July 2005)

Platinum Date: K5

Where?: Lewisham in London, but I'm a Hull boy by birth.


In his own wordsEdit

First of all, and sorry to sound like an arse, but it's 'Jamin, not Jammin. The reason for this is tied to the fact that I'm really a Ben, but Joinee Ben had already gone. After some thinking, I decided to use my college nick-name which is based on the fact that I'm a Ben and not a Benjamin — hence 'Jamin. So that hopefully will disperse some of the belief that I'm a big Bob Marley fan, or that I'm obsessed with doughnuts.

In 2006 I was lucky enough to be appointed Chairman of the Mighty Team North, and was made platinum in 2007, two things of which I am mighty proud.

Oh, and your mum says "Hi"

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