Perhaps this should've been called "Other Ranks" rather than other stars, but it's the stars everyone's quick to notice. Anyway, see Joinee Ranks for details.

Triple Silver Edit

This usually occurs when one of the Silver Joinees is accidentally silvered again by a drunk and / or forgetful Leader, or is silvered as part of a running gag.

At the moment nobody carries the "triple silver" accolade because they've all finally been properly "promoted"!

Those who have held the "triple silver" monker are:

Maybe, just maybe, The Leader will get drunk someday and revive the triple silver, phoenix-like from the flames; we can only wait and see....

Double Pink Edit

  • Currently the sole province of Double Pink Joinee Stooz (GA). We're not sure where it sits on the climbing scale of Joinee ranks, but it's there somewhere.

Rainbow JoineeEdit

An unofficial term occupied by five Joinees: Rainbow Joinee Parkin, Rainbow Joinee Cooley, Rainbow Joinee Coolio, Rainbow Joinee Bishop and Rainbow Joinee Midge. This term refers to the occasion when, at the Birmingham Maytime Meet, these Joinees took part in the Birmingham Gay Pride march. Parade organisers were missing some paraders, so these Joinees were drafted in for their expertise in, erm, all things Gay Pride-esque. As a result, in an unexpected and unplanned Random Act of Kindness, the Joinees became representatives of the Book Group Girls (a lesbian book group) and the Bitter Lemonz (a lesbian rock group), and enjoyed every second.