Joinee Radio is a small-time online radio station run by Platinum_Joinee_Fowler.

The origins of Joinee Radio lay in the time when the chatroom was on Yahoo's Groups service. At the time, Yahoo's web chat included press-to-talk Voice Chat capability. People quickly took to using this to play TV theme tunes and silly music to each other.

When the chatroom moved away from YahooGroups to MSN, we lost that voice chat feature. People complained that they missed the silly soundtrack to their chat time. After a little investigation, Joinee Fowler discovered he could run a basic online radio station fairly easily, and began his career as rubbish hamfisted amateur DJ.

After a previous stint of over a year of mostly 24/7 operation, Joinee Radio now runs occasional live shows (usually on Sunday evenings) and is also just starting a fresh new attempt at being a proper podcast.

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