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Joinee is the name given to a member of Join Me, a collective of kind-hearted individuals who perform Random Acts of Kindness every Friday. Collectively, Joinees are known as The Karma Army.

There is a very simple system of rank amongst the Joinees, mostly not taken too seriously but used as a token of recognition. Those that gain the rank of Silver Joinee are those who have convinced five or more other people to join, or otherwise demonstrated their dedication. Those promoted to Gold Joinee are those who have gone further out of their way, usually by organising meets, through random acts of kindness or by exercising other talents in the name of Join Me.

There are currently 30 Gold Joinees. There are, since K3, two Platinum Joinees - Rufous and Matt Fowler, and one Diamond Joinee, promoted from Platinum in recognition of his work – Matt Whitby, who has been responsible for a Join Me site since Join Me's inception. The official site is the online meeting point for the majority of Joinees.


Find out fun fabulous facts about your favourite Joinees here. The main list is split into individual letters, to avoid a giant list on one page. Alternatively you can try to locate them by star rating, or celebrity status:

Joinee "families"[]

There are some Joinees who recruit their whole family, of course, but this section is to categorise those who have the same name, or variations of the same name. The names Smith and Jones are unsurprisingly common. Not that those particular Joinees are, of course. Once we've found more, we'll add them to a list HERE!

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