Join Me
For more information on the non-Joindom game of Top Trumps, see this Wikipedia article.

Join Me Top Trumps is a game featuring cards, each of which bears a person or other thing with a set of comparable statistics. Gameplay is based around having the better-scored card for a given statistic, chosen by the player each round.


One of the first generation Top Trumps cards — click to see larger

The last incarnation of the original Join Me Top Trumps was made in 2004 and had approximately 100 cards in it, most of them of Joinees, but also other subjects (with which to compare Joinees!)

The original pack of Join Me Top Trumps actually appears as a card in the last deck made, the Join Me June edition, though no more cards have been created since then, so the pack is slightly outdated. All current cards are listed under the Top Trump wiki category.


There are thoughts on the forum that the game may return in an updated edition in 2009!


The pack was created by Gold Joinee Brake — some other Joinees have had packs named after them or dedicated to them. Most of the Joinees in the packs are those known well to Simon (Brake), so they are a little London-centric.

Simon thinks the idea of Join Me Top Trumps originated with Gold Joinee Frost.