There is a chat and announcement forum, set up to help to bring Joinees together.

Currently administered (and chiefly paid for) by Platinum Joinee Collins, the main forum is at

You will often see the forum referred to on this wiki, not least because it has the most up-to-the-minute news on the organising and arranging of Join Meets.

The forum is moderated by a team of volunteer forum moderators – currently PJ Collins, Captain K, and Claire Thorners – who aim to keep it "family friendly" and "safe for work". There are special sections for jokes and personal issues, in which content is moderated slightly differently from in the main sections. In addition to these moderators, there is a panel of so-called "modmins", who are called upon by the administrator to assist him in making decisions about the moderating policies and rules of the forum. They are from a cross-section of the membership, but their identities are not advertised, in order that they aren't badgered! Diamond Joinee Fowler, who was the previous forum administrator, remains on the team as Tech Liaison.

This forum is mentioned at the main Join Me site. Many of the most active Joinees regularly post on the forum — often many times a day. When they should be working. :-)

Some of these people know each other in "real life"; others do not. They come from all over the world. If you're planning to have a look for the first time, you might like to say hello to everybody in the "New Joinees" topic. But please feel free to use all sections of the forum, and don't be afraid of not knowing everybody — you soon will!

The current forum replaced one which had been run by Diamond Joinee Whitby, after he was no longer able to continue hosting it. This was a great shame, especially as Whitby had put so much work into the site. He remains actively involved in Join Me and can be found posting on the new forum. Some of the data from the old site (which included blogs and a directory) may be available as an archive at some point in the future.

Even longer ago, the first Join Me forum was hosted with a commercial service provider, Bravenet. The original posts are long since gone, but posts from May 2004 are still intact, and occasionally people have returned there if the main forum has been unavailable for any reason.

People talk about all sorts of things on the forum, not just Join Me. They even discuss Um Bongo.

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