Join Me June (in 2004), also known as Karmageddon 2.5 was a large Meet organised by Danny to celebrate the release of the second edition of the book. The publishers, Ebury Press, provided us with lots of tat and four teams of Joinees took to the streets of London to perform RAoKs on the unsuspecting public.

All around the world...Edit

At the same time, Joinees in Edinburgh did the same and ended up marching down a closed street with police protection.

Major beneficiaryEdit

During the course of the day, and by such varied means as selling tat and betting on how long it would take to drive from Edinburgh to London, we raised money to help a Thai farmer with terminal cancer to buy back the portion of his farm that he'd had to sell to pay for his medical treatment, thus ensuring a livelihood for his family.

Noteable eventsEdit

  • Gold Joinee Frost changing his name by deed-poll to Joinee James Frost
  • Alistair Griffin changing his name by deed-poll to Joinee Alistair Griffin
  • Danny forgetting he'd already silvered Rufous, and making him the first double-silver joinee
  • Westy having his gifts refused by every stranger he approached along the entire length of Carnaby Street - some demonstrating their refusal by running away
  • An old lady being RAoKed from the lake in Regent's Park (at the Sunday picnic) with such style that it made Danny's Random acts of kindness book. (We rowed several boats over to her and sang "happy birthday"!) I'll cheekily add that this RAoK may possibly have been thanks to Joinee Scotty frae Dunoon and Joinee K!
  • The first appearance of the Join Me Hat!

Not to be confused withEdit

JJM - Joinee Jessie's mother (a.k.a. Joinee Kate (JJM))