If you came here looking for some fascinating information, then I am afraid you are going to be sadly disappointed.

Potted HistoryEdit

I joined shortly after the book first came out, and took part in Karmageddon 2, as well as several of the Edinburgh meets. I have recuited quite a few people, most notably Joinee Twinkle (my sister)


I tend to be quiet, and post on the forums rarely, but I am actually quite active, performing a RAOK every week as far as possible, if not more.

I am quite shameless at getting 'Join Me' promoted, and have managed to get articles published in my staff newsletter as well as the 'Border Life' magazine (for which I was 'Silver'ed) and at any large group event I attend - training sessions etc.

I am often seen at Karmageddon doing something that involves having a loud voice, usually auctioning or raffling.

I am an avid player of football at GGF and have played for Team North for the last three years.

Scary PicturesEdit

There are few photos of me, but in case you really need to know, this is a good one of me at the meet in Wakefield. (I'm the tall idiot at the back) - if you know who any of the others are, please let me know (or add details to this page) - apart from :

  1. The Leader. In red, at the front. bit obvious.
  2. Diamond Joinee Whitby. Two to the left of Danny - unmissable.
  3. Joinee Twinkle. Stood between me and Gold Joinee Collins. She's my sister, so I know who she is.
  4. Platinum Joinee Collins. To the right of Joinee Twinkle

Wakefield group shot

Click for photo of Worm (on right)