Join Date: January 2003

Silver Date: JMJ

Gold Date: Hahahahahaha!!!!

Where?: Peederburruh, the hub of the fens, me duck

Website?: Hahahahahaha!

In her own wordsEdit

Cor! Right..Join Me found me when I was in the depths of despair after a horrifically bad breakup. It was actually a former ex (not the one responsible for this despair) that bought me a copy of Join Me for Christmas because he knew I 'liked that Dave Gorman bloke, and this is his mate'. I devoured the book, sent my mugshot to the talented Mr Whitby and took it from there!

My first meet was JointMeAmsterdam; I knew NOBODY and my friends and family thought I had a screw loose when I said I was going for a weekend in Dam with a cult I'd never met. It was the best weekend of my life. The friendships I've built up since being a Joinee are some of the best mates I've ever had. Joinees are wonderful people.

The whole Join Me phenomenen was like a dose of medicine. I was so miserable at the time and I didn't plan on being happy for a long time but the tidal wave of Joinees swept me up and carried me to Happyland!

I've been responsible for a few of the more hedonistic Join Me-ets.. JointMeAmsterdamI and II, and JoinMeCottagingI and II. I've hung my Cornish Hiking boots up this year to let the wonderful GJKateJJM take over organising JMCIII as she's a teacher and she's good at organising and all that kind of thing.

I love the spot game, playing Sh*thead and 'cojones y conyos'. I love my rice crispy badge and anything designed by Si Brake. My fave joinees are based on whether they like ogling men or are into weird animals or enjoy drinking beer - this covers predominantly all the Joinees I love.

On a very basic boring muggle level, I'm 34, mum to Natal and Luca (AKA the dangerous brothers), I'm a midwife and share my life with Non-joinee Del who fondly refers to me as Rick Parfitt. I, in return, just call him T**T. It's a term of endearment.

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