Join Date: 16th August 2003

Silver Date: 16th August 2003

Gold Date: March 2004.

Birthday: 15th September

Where?: Hereford, England, UK

Website?: Gold Joinee Hodges's site and 365 Ways.

In his own wordsEdit

Hodges NU

Joinee Hodges: Join Meets, tattoos & RAoKalendars. More fun than you can throw a stick at. Probably.

Passport handed to The Leader on 16th August 2003 whilst at the FIRST ever offical Edinburgh Fringe Meet. Silvered with James Frost at the Fringe Meet for co-organising the meet with Gold Joinee Gareth Saunders.

Golded after completion of the RAoKalendar in Christmas 2003.

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What Others SayEdit

"Tony is a wonderful man. Constantly happy and welcoming and one of the main reasons to which I joined. He's very witty and funny and has a HUGE collection of dvd's. And is one of the most kind men i've ever met. :)" JoineePeachy 17:32, 15 Oct 2005 (UTC)