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Silver Date: Autumn 2002?

Gold Date: Spring 2003?

Where?: Warwick, UK


In his own wordsEdit


Yes, I really did wear a care bear costume. It was for a drunken bet. You know how these things go (with hilarious consequences! etc.)

I joined bloody ages ago after seeing an ad on Danny's website, and due to being a cheapskate with no foresight whatsoever I used a dreadfully old and out of date passport picture of me from my youth (well, 3 years earlier anyway), which is why everyone who meets me in real life after seeing my pic in the book thinks I've decayed appallingly in a relatively short period of time. The truth is, of course, I've decayed appallingly over a slightly longer period of time.

I live in Warwick with my wife Janey who is lovely, and Twig and Wilson, our two cats. We mainly drink tea (well, not so much the cats, to be honest - they prefer gravy) and generate washing up.

Cheerio, biscuit face!

In the bookEdit

Known as 'Joinee Haman.'

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