Join Me

Join Date: July 2003

Silver Date: August 16th 2003

Gold Date:June 2004

Where?: Hereford, England

Website?: The Karma Army site! (overseen with Gold Joinee Saunders)

In his own words...[]

Joinee Frost: I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!

The founding member of Team Hereford, James Frost joined the Collective in July 2003. Silvered on 16th August 2003 whilst at the FIRST ever offical Edinburgh Fringe Meet co-organised with Joinee Hodges and Gold Joinee Gareth Saunders.

In June 2004, at the Join Me June event James was Golded for his constant service to Join Me, organising meets and mass RAoK projects. It was also on this day when James had his name legally changed via Deedpoll to 'Joinee James Frost'.