Join Date: July 2003

Silver Date: Er, Septmber 2003ish

Gold Date: Join Me June 1

Where?: London, UK


In her own words...Edit

Claire NU

Joinee Claire: You don't have to be blonde to... erm... do that thing... that... well, you just don't, okay?

Originally hailing from Accrington in the grimey North. Claire set up house in Leyton with the House of Love 2'ers and is now very happy. Famous in Joinee circles for being a pikey. Made Danny happy by telling him she had a photo of his ass on her wall, yes he posed for it, yes he was drunk, yes he was clothed. She loves chocolate and sleeps a lot. One of her proudest joinee moments was being a team leader at JMJ and later being made the second female Gold Joinee. She thinks Danny is quite good looking. She also thinks ex-housemate Steve is quite hairy. She is a Dave

(She isn't sure why she wrote this in third person but now can't be bothered changing it.)

In the words of others...Edit

Ask about her spatula... It's not as rude as it might sound.

[Edit] I do still have the spatula.