Ah, ducks. Wonderful, aren't they? Ducks as seen in the wild aren't particularly linked to Join Me, but the chances are that when ducks are mentioned, it refers to the colourful and varied sub-species known as 'rubber duck.'

I *think* it all started at the Nottingham meet in October 2004, where joinees launched the Karma Navy - ducks with "Join Me" written on them - into a fountain (pictures here). Since then, thanks to the (frankly unhealthy) obsession with ducks that certain joinees possess, it's got to the point where more ducks attend meets than joinees. Well, no it hasn't, but that day isn't far off.

Ducks appear in the Join Me Top Trumps, both as a lone rubber duck, and as a horde of rubber ducks. Plus there is The Karmic Duck.

At K4, a whole new breed of rubber duck was introduced by Joinee Darren - the flashing disco duck! These delightful little creatures flash when you put them in water or touch the contacts on the bottom. Darren gave away a couple at K4, and has since posted several to new homes around the country, and as a result is now known as Ducktastic Joinee Darren!