Join Date: May 2002

Silver Date: First Silver Joinee (date unknown)

Gold Date: Karmageddon 1

Platinum Date: Join Me June 1

Diamond Date: K3 - 2005

Birthday: 13th April

Where?: Berkshire, UK

Website?: The one, the only, - it's better than cheese!

In his own words...Edit

Whitby original photo

Whitby holding his original passport photo

Back in February 2002 I saw something saying "Will you Join Me?" and an e-mail address and that's all it said, so in for a penny and in for a pound, I whacked off an e-mail. Then, nothing. Until 3rd March when I got the following reply:

Hello there!

And thanks for saying you'll Join Me. I love you for that, and I always will. Particularly as you probably don't know what you're going to Join Me in doing...

And I can't tell you just yet.

But it'll be good. And in no way sinister. So rest your weary mind.

I will be in touch...


Then, nothing. Until 19th May when the following e-mail arrived asking me for a passport photo. The Passport Photo was sent off that lunchtime and a mere eight days later on the 27th May I got the following e-mail:

Joinee Whitby,

Thank you so much for your photo. You have been Approved.

A questionnaire will follow.


I was in. A bone-fide Joinee.

Other StuffEdit

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