The UK and Join MeEdit

The United Kingdom is where the first Joinees were based. It isn’t until Chapter Eleven in the book that Danny flies out of the country to meet his ‘first international joinee’.

Join Me LocationsEdit

The main hub of Join Me activity is, of course:

The following cities are also locations of Join Me interest:

Whilst the following other locations also deserve a mention:

Facts About the UKEdit

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a country in western Europe, and a member of the European Union. Usually known simply as the United Kingdom, UK or, inaccurately, as Great Britain or Britain, the UK has four constituent parts. Three of these parts—England, Wales and Scotland—are often considered countries and/or nations in their own right. The fourth is Northern Ireland and its border with the Republic of Ireland is the current limit of UK sovereignty on the island of Ireland.

Great Britain, now sometimes called simply Britain, is the geographical name for the largest island in the British Isles, and includes the mainland nations of England, Wales and Scotland, sometimes also including their islands. Additionally, the media regularly use "Britain" as shorthand for the United Kingdom. The term "Great" is used in opposition to "Little" Britain or Brittany in France (the '-ny' ending being diminutive). Great Britain is occasionally abbreviated as either GB or GBR.

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Are You Local?Edit

Considering the number of Joinees in the UK is very very large, you might want to focus on a particular part of the UK. If you can't think of a particular town listed above, try England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales.

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