This site was created on the 6th April, 2005, by Gold Joinee Brake (AKA User:Karmagraphik). This Wiki is based on the massive encyclopaedia project called Wikipedia, where this sub-project first sprung to life, here, in 2003...

In case you're wondering, a Wiki is an example of a "self-healing database", or a means of collaborative working. Various different suites of computer software are available to run Wikis and you can create and host your own Wiki online, for free, at this site Wikia (where we keep the Join Me Wiki) or at friendly rival WikiSpaces.

Since this site started, regular contributers have included:


There are a number of people not associated with Join Me but who are associated with Wikia and have been involved with this site. The following three people are on the Admin List:

Special mention goes to Angela who set up the original mini version of the logo at the top left. Thanks!

There's also been a lot of help and advice from non-Joinee User:Dedalus.


Currently Gold Joinees Brake, Gresham and K are the only Joinee System Operators (Administrators) on this site. If you'd like to join them, to gain the ability to lock and protect certain pages, and block out potential trouble-makers, email GJ Brake at the usual email address: y e l l o w si g h @

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