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A lot of the Scottish Joinees are known to get drunk in the pubs and bars of this fair city. So it can't be bad... :-)

There's a website - from a Joinee who's in the book, no less - Gareth Saunders' site, plus a mini one dedicated to the Official Join Me Edinburgh Pub, The Pear Tree (at the time of writing this site is broken, but that's the real address so keep trying.)

The Edinburgh University Join Me Society website can be found here.

Join Me LocationsEdit

Places you might want to visit:

Facts About EdinburghEdit

Edinburgh (pronounced ED-in-burru), Dùn Èideann in Scots Gaelic, is Scotland's capital and second-largest city (Glasgow is bigger), and is located on the east coast of Scotland by the North Sea. It is just south of the Firth (estuary) of Forth. It has been the capital of Scotland since 1492 and is the site of the Scottish Parliament, which was re-established in 1999. It was one of the major centres of the enlightenment led by the University of Edinburgh. The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. In the census of 2001 Edinburgh had a total resident population of 448,624.

Edinburgh is well known for the annual Edinburgh International Festival, the largest performing arts festival in the world, and for the Hogmanay (New Year's Eve) street party.

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Edinburgh Joinees can be found here.

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